Strength your defenses By This 5 Foods

One of their composites is allicin, responsible for increasing your immunity; a clove of garlic a day will keep you away from the doctor and the horrible medicines. Maybe the smell bothers you, but it’s much worse being stuffy at Christmas.

Popeye had many reasons to eat spinach all the time and you too, are a superfood that nourishes every part of your body and keeps you safe from disease. Besides, you can eat them in a thousand ways and they’re always delicious.

Chicken Broth:
If you’re already sick, listen to your mom and eat chicken broth; it has the ability to reduce nasal congestion, helps eliminate secretions and keeps us hydrated.

This root is a culinary and natural wonder, make a ginger tea to raise your defenses and stay healthy this winter cold season.

Green Tea:
The most famous tea in Asia
has an antioxidant called polyphenol who is responsible for increasing immunity in our body. If you want to have high defenses and survive the winter disease-free, start drinking green tea.