She Applies Vick Vaporub On her Feet Before Bed, When you know the Reason, you will Do the Same !

The vaporub on the feet is very effective to remove and prevent the appearance of foot and nail fungus again. It is very effective to grease your feet with ointment and put socks.

Try not to be barefoot after applying it because you could slip. It is recommended to apply after bathing and before bed. So your feet will rise soft and without fungus.

Improve the cracks in your feet
Vick vaporub is effective if your feet are cracked, rough, or dry. A practical recipe is to dilute in warm water, a tablespoon of vaporub, some chamomile flowers and lemon drops.

Put your feet in the mixture, for 10 minutes. Rinse and at the end apply a thin layer of ointment, wear socks and you will notice the difference.

Coughs and colds with no cut body
One of its main properties has always been to help with breathing problems. But when you apply it on your feet you can enhance the action of menthol, eucalyptus and camphor, eliminating muscle pain.

When you apply it with a gentle massage on your feet, you will notice that the feeling of cut body passes and you start to feel better.