How to make a delicious cookie flan in the microwave, quick and easy recipe


For up to 4 people

  • Cookies type Maria 8
  • Leche 250 ml
  • Sugar 50 g
  • Eggs 2
  • The essence of vanilla 2 ml
  • Liquid caramel
  • Mantequilla

How to Make Cookie Custard in the Microwave:

  1. Spread the base of four with a pinch of butter and cover with liquid caramel. Mash the biscuits, milk, sugar, eggs and a few drops of vanilla essence with a hand mixer or a cooking robot.
  2. Fill the flour with the mixture.
  3. We introduce the in the center of the microwave tray. Cover with the lid and set the oven for five minutes at half power (400w). We allow tempering before storing it in the fridge, where they will take the body. We demould and serve.
  4. What to Go with Cookie Custard
  5. We can decorate and accompany this cookie flan with laminated almond or Granillo, a little whipped cream, and some red fruits. Although it is delicious as it is. I’m sure the candy lovers will appreciate a small jar with extra caramel to be able to serve a little more.