10 foods to avoid if you suffer from heartburn and acid lifts

The sodas

Sodas are definitely not popular when you monitor your health: in addition to being very rich in sugars, to promote bloating and cavities, they are also not recommended when you suffer from heartburn. Explanation: when you consume a soft drink, you swallow air. But when you have air in your stomach, it creates bloating, and the air in your stomach constantly presses on the muscle that protects your esophagus from acid upsets. So, at any time, we risk acid reflux! Not to mention that sodas are usually very acidifying for the body. And obviously, when one suffers from gastric acidity, this is not advisable!

Foods that are too rich

No matter how much you love frying, cold cuts, red meats and cooking with butter, when you’re suffering from heartburn and reflux, it’s best to avoid foods that are too fat and too rich. Why is that? Simply because when you consume fat, the muscle that is supposed to prevent food from coming up from the stomach to the esophagus (the inner esophageal sphincter for the intimate) works less well. And when the food goes up to our esophagus, the heartburn always comes along…

The coffee

Ah, a little coffee or tea break with a square of chocolate, it’s still nice… Well, except maybe when you’re suffering from heartburn. And yes, unfortunately, who says coffee or tea says caffeine or tea… Two substances that prevent the inner esophageal sphincter from being at the top of its tone, and thus promote acid lifts and heartburn. As for chocolate, it contains methylxanthines, substances that also lead to muscle relaxation. And if you prefer milk chocolate, be careful: it contains more fat than dark chocolate, and in addition to caffeine. A shock combo for fragile stomachs…

The milk

Milk is a very sweet drink that we often take to soothe our heartburn and calm the acidity. Well, we are wrong! Even if it temporarily relieves burns and discomfort, milk contains calcium, protein and fat. Three substances that invite our body to produce gastric acids! Morality: Under its mild and harmless air, milk is also a drink to avoid when suffering from heartburn. Water, on the other hand, is totally recommended!

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol, one will never repeat it enough, must always be consumed in moderation. And even more so when one is prone to heartburn! This is for two reasons: first of all, because alcoholic drinks lead to a relaxation of the muscle that prevents what is in our stomach from going up to the esophagus. Then, because some alcohols (like wine or liquors) are known to generate gastric secretions and thus increase the acidity of the stomach. A detonating cocktail when you have a fragile stomach…

Citrus fruits

When suffering from heartburn, you should not consume more than one citrus fruit a day in the ideal. Because if they bring us vitamins and energy to spare, citrus fruits also have the particularity of being very acidic, and acidify even more the contents of the stomach by increasing gastric secretions… Lemon on the cake: their acidity is such that sometimes citrus fruits burn the esophagus of people prone to gastric reflux. Grapefruit juice in the morning, but no more!

The spices

Spices, we love to use them in the kitchen to perfume and raise our dishes without the need to add fat. Only a small problem: the spices, in addition to risking burning the mucosa of the esophagus (ouille!), increase the production of gastric juices, and therefore the acidity in the stomach. As a result, we are more likely to undergo painful gastric ascents (re-ouille!). It is therefore better to avoid spices that are too spicy, and to favour the sweetest flavors!


Mint is appreciated in our tea, our fruit salads, our sweets, some sauces… Thanks to it, we are always sure to have a fresh and pleasant breath! Unfortunately, when suffering from heartburn, it is best to avoid consuming it too often. The reason is simple: mint contains certain acids that make the passage between the stomach and the esophagus more fluid. And that leaves the door open to acid lifts and other gastric reflux… Mention «not well» with chewing-gums with mint, which in addition increase the risk of bloating!

The tomato

Even if the tomato is a fruit that has many benefits (slimming, health, beauty), it remains to be avoided (according to the tolerance, obviously!) for people suffering from acid lifts. Indeed, the tomato is a rather acidic fruit that can cause many disorders to people who have sour stomach (risk of gastric reflux, esophageal pain…). If this is our case, it is better to eat them without the skin and after removing the seeds: these are the parts of the fruit less easy to digest!

The onion

The onion is still a vegetable that is very good for your health, but it is better to avoid eating too often when you suffer from the stomach. The reason is simple: when you consume onion, it tends to ferment in your stomach. Resulting in a decrease in muscle tone that prevents acid upsets, and possible heartburn. As a result, it is better to consume them cooked, and not more than twice a week. Our breath will only be fresher!