Appetizers of cold cuts and fruit: the most delicious combinations


Fruit and cold cuts are a perfect combination, but creativity is not the only thing worth pursuing. Here are some ideas for beautiful and tasty combinations!

To amaze your guests with an unusual aperitif, but very simple to prepare, play with your creativity and combine fruit and cold cuts.
Here are our ideas to help you compose your cutting board!

How to combine cold cuts with fruit

Trying different combinations is always fun, but it is important to always do it with a certain criterion.
In fact, fruit and cured meats cannot be combined at random, but in general the rule is that one more cured meat fat goes well with a more sour fruit and sour that refreshes the palate.
To a salami more savory instead it must be combined with the fruit richer in water and sweet to contrast the taste.

Not just ham and melon

There is not only ham and melon!
You can play a lot with fruit and cold cuts, based on what the season offers us.
In spring and summer, for example, you can combine strawberries, peaches, figs and apricots with sweet ham or sliced ​​turkey, while in autumn and winter bresaola and speck go well with apples and pears.
THE tropical fruits they are more difficult to combine, but if we consider avocado a fruit, as it is in fact, then we can really pair it with everything because it is a super versatile ingredient.

Appetizers with fruit and cold cuts

If you still have any doubts, follow our advice.
We offer you 5 recipes foraperitif very simple in which fruit and cold cuts are combined in a very balanced way for an extraordinary result.


Crostini with ham and figs

To prepare them you must first choose the bread.
In our opinion, rye bread is perfect for this appetizer, but a good bruschetta bread will do as well.
Toast it lightly and then spread on each slice of cream cheese or sweet gorgonzola.
Then add a raw ham that is not excessively savory and low in fat and some fairly ripe black or green fig wedges.
If you want, complete with a drop of balsamic vinegar.

Pears with ham and gorgonzola

Pears and cheese, you know, they look great together, but why not also add a sliced ​​ham?
Ham and speck are ideal. Just try to wrap the abate pear wedges with the ham, then crumble over a seasoned gorgonzola or a savory cheese like pecorino or ricotta sarda.
Here is an appetizer that is prepared in a second and that will make you look great.

Apples with bresaola and brie

Apples are back on our table this season and we invite you to offer them like this.
Cut a golden apple into wedges and place on each wedge a piece of brie cheese.
Wrap everything with a slice of bresaola, or speck, and serve. If you want you can also spend a moment in the oven.

Prosciutto and white melon

It is no longer the season of yellow melon, but it is the season of winter melon and therefore here is a receptive that is beautiful to serve and easy to prepare.
Dig the melon with the pipe cleaner to make balls.
Once obtained, wrap them with a strip of sliced ​​turkey and decorate with thyme leaves.
This Italian sushi with cold cuts and fruit will please everyone!

How to serve a platter of cold cuts, fruit and cheeses

The most spectacular way to serve fruit and cold cuts is certainly a very large cutting board or tray.
Spread over the cold cuts and cheeses as a base and then decorate everything with fruit already washed, and in some cases even peeled and cleaned.
We suggest grapes that always have a beautiful effect, but also pomegranate grains, figs cut into wedges and berries.

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