Pizza with eggs: the recipes to try now!


Have you ever tried pizza with eggs? An original idea to make your favorite pizza even more irresistible! Find out how to best prepare it

Are you a lover of pizza with eggs? Or have you never tried it?
In any case, try our recipes!

Pizza and eggs: an irresistible combination

Do you no longer know how to season your homemade pizza? Are you tired of the usual tastes: Margherita, marinara, Naples, ham and mushrooms. Why not give the old recipe a nice twist?
We suggest you try the combination with eggs and we assure you that you will like it.
It’s just a matter of pairing a fried egg with a pizza base!
Here’s how to prepare it in a few simple steps:

Pizza Margherita base

Just try to enrich a classic Pizza margherita with eggs.
One on each pizza is enough and it must be added almost at the end of cooking so that it takes up consistency in the oven in two minutes at the most.
The combination with stringy mozzarella and soft yolk is truly irresistible.
The cooking of the egg depends a little on your tastes, but we suggest you do not prolong it too much.
If you also add a nice sprinkling of grated pecorino on top it will be even better!

White pizza base

Just try the egg on white pizza, with or without mozzarella.
A bit of a reinterpretation of the Georgian Khachapuri but it has a different shape and a very tasty filling of cheese and butter.
White base could also mean pizza with 4 cheeses or pizza with potatoes, both of which are delicious combinations.


Stuffed pizza base

We have suggested two combinations that are not too demanding to try eggs on pizza, but if you want you can start immediately, daring a little more.
Eggs go well with everything and therefore you can use it on a capricious pizza, on a four-season pizza, on ham and mushrooms and even on more demanding pizzas such as four cheeses or tuna and onion.
You can also make a white base pizza with raw ingredients such as fresh tomatoes, raw ham, smoked salmon and sliced ​​mozzarella and then add a fried or poached egg cooked separately in the center.

How and when to add egg to pizza

As we have said, the egg is the last ingredient to bake in the oven on the pizza.
When the base is practically ready, already seasoned with mozzarella and more, you can add an egg by opening it gently so as not to break the yolk.
You can do this by placing a in the center of the pizza pastry rings and then pouring the egg inside in order to maintain a perfect shape.
Even if it breaks it’s not that bad, the important thing at that point is to keep an eye on the cooking because the egg should not dry out too much. If you prepare the Pizza in baking tin for several people consider one egg each, otherwise one egg in the center for each pizza on the plate.

Scroll through the gallery above to find out which flavors of pizza to pair with eggs!


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