Where to have breakfast at the Milan Central Market


Breakfast at the Milan Central Market is full of surprises. Here are the desserts that you absolutely must try in the new gastronomic destination of via Sammartini 9

Whether you have just gotten off a train to Milano Centrale, before going to the office, waiting for departure or simply curious to shop at the new market that has revived a part of the station that has been abandoned for over 20 years, take a seat immediately and you do Breakfast.

In a shared space that brings together the great excellences of the city and the whole country, certainly could not miss an exceptional offer dedicated to the most important meal of the day. Among the 29 shops in which to shop or have a meal there are many big names in Milanese restaurants (read them all here), but for our tour in the early hours of the morning we let ourselves be guided by the great passion for Italian breakfast. And we made some great discoveries.

The great pastry shop

The teacher Vincenzo Santoro has conquered the city with its desserts (we want to talk about panettone?), but the experience of over 50 years of Martesana pastry shop continues to offer innovative experiences.
From the research conducted together with the pastry chef Domenico Di Clemente, in fact one was born new line of soft croissants with double yeast dough, the mother of Martesana (among the oldest in Milan) and a liquid chariot.

In addition to the mignon of modern pastry and the novelties of traditional breakfast, such as croissants with chocolate dough and the chocolate and orange croissant pastry turban, exclusively at the Milan Central Market you will find two iconic sweets that celebrate travel and travelers. The Roman husband in a lighter version, thanks to the mother yeast, and the pasticciotto from Salento which tells the homeland of Vincenzo Santoro, with custard and black cherries, with candied mandarin and double flavor, with white and chocolate custard.

The magic of leavened desserts

There is nothing better than starting the day with the scent of freshly baked bread. And if the bread is naturally leavened with stone-ground flours of Davide Longoni, a great start is expected.


Its philosophy capable of describing the territories and supply chains also arrives at Mercato Centrale Milano, where you can buy different types of bread, including Ancient cereals, based on rye and spelled flour self-produced in the fields of Chiaravalle. After choosing the bread to take home, stop for breakfast.
The mastery in baking also makes all the other products on display unique: in addition to pan pizza and gourmet sandwiches for lovers of salty breakfast, you can taste sweets like the rose cake, the cinnamon bun and the babka, a braided brioche filled with chocolate and hazelnuts, typical of the Jewish tradition. We close with a flourish by clearing customs on panettone out of season: it will be available all year round, in slices to be filled with different creams each time.

Naples to Milan

Breakfast in Naples is sacred, but for the off-site transplanted to the Milanese capital there is a new mecca of Neapolitan pastry sweets. The Sessa oven was born in 1930 in Ottaviano and over the years has become a point of reference thanks to its sfogliatella, with a recipe handed down by 3 generations of pastry chefs.

At the workshop of Sabato Sessa you can choose between the curly sfogliatella and shortcrust pastry, but also let yourself be tempted by a roundup of irresistible Neapolitan desserts, such as i Baba, the Saint Joseph’s Zeppole, the Lemon Treats and single portions of pastiera or Caprese cake. A fried dessert deserves a special mention that is very popular in Campania, but which is quite rare to come across in Milan. Don’t call it a donut, because it’s not the same thing at all: we’re talking about the staple, filled with custard or chocolate.

Healthy breakfast

Smoothies, juices, avocado toast and fruit salads are featured by The juice and the green, where is it Cesare Cacciapuoti and Nicolò De Gregorio offer a selection of natural, unprocessed, nutrient-rich and plant-based foods.
The wide range of juices is made from 100% fruit and vegetables, without any additions, cold pressed to avoid oxidative stress.

Browse the gallery above to browse among the most delicious specialties that you will find on the ground floor of the market.
Anyway, who said that breakfast sweets can only be eaten in the morning? Mercato Centrale Milano is open every day from 7 to midnight!


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