Tripe and lampredotto in Florence: the 10 best places


The sandwich with lampredotto is the street food of the Florentines. It is the flesh of the abomasum, one of the four bovine stomachs. It is usually boiled and served seasoned with salt, pepper, “spicy” and green sauce in any combinations you prefer. But it is also found in zimino or other versions, depending on the season

Since the fifteenth century, when bovine entrails were boiled in the Oltrarno shops, tripe and lampredotto they accounted for Florence not only the street food par excellence, but also and above all a substantial and cheap meal.

In Tuscany specifically, lampredotto indicates the abomasum of the bovine, that is the true stomach of ruminants, used in many preparations of regional cuisine. It is dark in color tending to purple and owes its name to the resemblance to the mouth of the lamprey, an aquatic vertebrate similar to the eel, in the past very common in the waters of the Arno. It is prepared by boiling it in broth with vegetables and then seasoned with green sauce or extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.

The dish is to be tasted, now according to today’s custom, in the sandwich: after having been emptied of the crumb, the upper part of the rosette (once also semel, salty Tuscan loaf, now practically disappeared) is dipped in the aromatic broth of cooking offal themselves, or the “peeled”, for those who want only the fleshy part of the lampredotto.

This is yet another, but at the same time relevant, testimony to the spread of a characteristic food also due to the presence of tripe carts, replaced over the years by more modern kiosks or vans, which can be easily found in some places in Florence. The last heralds of this Florentine culinary tradition have known names and a heterogeneous and affectionate clientele.

A sandwich that is therefore a ritual, a street food made of flavors, chatter, conviviality and rigorous glasses of Chianti. To make these modest offal more appealing, more and more appetizing recipes have been developed (and continue undaunted today) and therefore, alongside the legendary sandwich, tripe makers offer combinations such as lampredotto with leeks, with artichokes, in zimino, all’uccelletto and the very traditional Florentine tripe.

Marco Bolognesi, via Gioberti

Simply The tripe of Florence, as the writing on his kiosk says: superb the lampredotto all’uccelletto, in zimino and the “erotic boiled”, consisting of tongue, stern and cow matrix.


Simone Balleggi, piazza de ‘Nerli

In one of the districts where the Florentine vernacular was king, this Buticche di San Frediano offers a delicious simple lampredotto sandwich; then there are the variants of black cabbage, savoy and uccelletto, as well as excellent are the sandwich with the stern and the salads of nerves.

Sergio and Pier Paolo Pollini, via de ‘Macci at the corner with Piazza Sant’Ambrogio

Perhaps the most Florentine in spirit and certainly the most historic. The classic lampredotto sandwich and cheek stew are superb.

Leonardo Torrini, Bandino square (Viale Giannotti)

The ability and dedication to work ensure that at his kiosk you can eat the best of tripe specialties. Alongside the classic lampredotto sandwich and a magnificent tripe, there are also dishes of Tuscan cuisine. If you head south, Il tripppaio di Gavinana becomes a must.

Lupen and Margò, via dell’Ariento at the corner with via Sant’Antonino

Tripe par excellence, in his kiosk in front of the San Lorenzo market, with the inevitable smile on his lips. He distributes lampredotto sandwiches to Florentines, but above all to foreigners, so many that he had to write on a sign, even in Japanese, what this food is. The stew is also excellent.

Mario Tato, via dell’Ariento corner via Aretina

From his van Mario Tatini (aka Tato) offers superb lampredotto sandwiches and succulent plates of offal. Worth mentioning is the lampredotto with pork rinds and beans, with mushrooms and leeks. There is certainly no shortage of tripe and mixed boiled meat.

Orazio Nencioni, Porcellino loggia

Magnificent the lampredotto sandwich together with the very reliable Florentine tripe, the result of constant and assiduous work. Since this place is very popular with tourists, there are also preparations other than offal: in any case all preparations worthy of tasting.

Le Trippaie, piazza Dalmazia

This kiosk run by Mrs. Lucia with her daughters Silvia and Ilaria is really worth a stop. The variety of offal is remarkable and the preparations are very well executed: particularly the sandwich with boiled meat and the lampredotto with artichokes are delicious.

La Tripperia delle Cure, Piazza delle Cure – Local Market of the Cure

The specialties of the fifth quarter are cooked with pride and passion. The lampredotto sandwiches are simply excellent and you can also taste the lampredotti with onion, zimino, artichokes, potatoes and leeks.

Aurelio, piazza Tanucci

The traditional proposals are very good (tripe, boiled meat and lampredotto) accompanied by an appetizing Norcia porchetta.


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