This wok is made from 100% recycled cans


It’s called Recy and it’s a wok made entirely with aluminum made in Italy from recycled cans. Try our chef’s recipe to make the most of its potential

Sustainability in the kitchen passes through the wise choice and use of ingredients, but tools also play their part. The quality of the material is essential to ensure proper cooking, without waste and healthy.

The wok, for example, is a very advantageous tool, as it allows you to use little seasoning and carry out fast cooking, capable of keeping the organoleptic properties of food intact.

The first wok produced 100% with recycled cans

The novelty in wok comes from Currency, a manufacturer of non-stick aluminum cookware in the heart of the Marche region, which is committed to innovating the world of cooking tools in a sustainable way. The new line Resy, in aluminum 100% made in Italy coming entirely from the recycling of cans (With external validation Recyclability Environmental Claim Validation by UL), it is composed of several tools, including the wok, as well as frying pans, casseroles, pans and grills.
The Net Induction bottom, made with a woven stainless steel mesh, allows use on classic and induction fire, and thanks to its characteristics it is able to reduce cooking times, saving energy. The Protection Base coating, thanks to the non-stick protective shield, increases the durability of the product over time.


To find out how to best use this wok, we relied on Giovanni Rota, Executive Chef at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana, who offered us a very easy recipe to prepare.


«Aluminum is one of the metals with the greatest heat conduction capacity. This feature, added to the shape and thickness of the wok, makes it suitable for cooking any type of ingredient. The dish we are going to prepare consists of one julienne of vegetables marinated with shrimp, squid and ginger. One of the advantages of this wok is being able to keep the temperature high, constant and homogeneous and this is very important for short cooking, such as that of fish. In this way, the surface of the prawns and squid dehydrates quickly and caramelizes, giving life to a crunchy effect ».

Ingredients for 4 people

400 g Fresh squid
100 g Celeriac
100 g Carrots
80 g Broccoli
50 g Fresh spring onion
8 Shrimp tails
Sesame seeds
Grapeseed oil
Soy sauce


Clean the squid, removing the entrails, the bone and the fins. Divide the squid in half and make incisions on the inside of the bag, then cut it into strips. Let the squid marinate for about 20 minutes in a solution of soy sauce, grapeseed oil and ginger.

Shell and remove the shrimp tails, proceed to marinate as previously done with the squid.

Wash and clean the vegetables into strips; divide the broccoli flower from the stem and cut it into small pieces.

Heat the wok over a high flame with a little grapeseed oil. Heat the vegetables for a minute, keeping them crunchy; remove from heat and set aside.

Heat the wok again and sauté the marinated squid and prawns for a few seconds, add the previously sautéed vegetables and finish with the toasted sesame seeds and soy sauce.


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