The tastiest recipes for the weekend of September 25th


What to cook on the weekend of September 25th? Here are the first, second and best desserts to prepare on the weekend

Autumn has officially begun, but the mild temperatures allow us to still play with flavors that remind us of the beautiful summer days. The weekend is the right time to dedicate yourself to good food, bringing tasty and colorful dishes to the table, to share with loved ones. For example, we like to start today’s menu with a Sicilian recipe that is as simple as it is capable of making us happy: cunzatu bread, in a version with yellow tomatoes, anchovies and almonds.

The tastiest recipes for the weekend of September 25th: first courses

The free time available is ideal for experimenting with more creative dishes, such as our linguine in beetroot gazpacho, citrus fruits and red prawns or parsley risotto with anchovy and pistachio sauce.

If, on the other hand, you can’t give up a traditional Sunday lunch, this week we recommend the classic amatricana: here’s how to prepare it to perfection.


The tastiest recipes for the weekend of September 25th: main courses

It is not yet the time for succulent autumn roasts, but if you are looking for a meat-based second course, focus on lighter and more delicate combinations. This roast chicken with zucchini caponatina is the one for you.

Nostalgic for the sea, we have in store a dish based on octopus, squid and red prawns that will transport you directly to the beach. Speaking of shrimp, have you ever tried to put them in rolls? This recipe with phyllo dough and a Greek yogurt sauce is perfect for an aperitif with friends.

The tastiest recipes for the weekend of September 25th: dessert

The dessert we propose is perfect for September, because it is filled with a grape jelly and a white chocolate and hazelnut ganache that will literally drive you crazy. It is a Paris-Brest, a traditional French choux pastry based dessert, created in 1891 to commemorate the Paris-Brest-Paris cycling race.

Look at the gallery above to discover all the best recipes to make on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September!


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