The sugar-free apple pie


The secret? Simple: prepare it without sugar. Not without taste, though: only without sugar! A perfect recipe for eating lightly apple pie … lightly

The worry of accumulating pounds is the worry that always assails us when we are in front of a dessert. For this we propose a recipe that will save yours craving for sweet and the need for do not get fat. How, you ask? Simply by preparing one sugar-free apple pie, perfect for the desire for sweetness (omnipresent) and to make peace with feelings of guilt.

How to replace sugar in a dessert

There are many ways to sweeten a cake without resorting to sugar: among the most used products is the honey, which has different aromas depending on the origin of the essences used by the bees to produce it. For 100 g of sugar, consider 80 g of honey. Another substitute is the malt, which is made from the fermentation of cereals and is perfect for leavened cakes or creams. For 100 g of sugar, use 130 g of malt. Another option is the molasses, made from beetroot or cane sugar. You can use it for prepare biscuits or bread, 80 g instead of 100 of sugar. The rice syrup, which is obtained from the rice itself, can replace sugar in doses of 130 per 100 g. Also it apple or grape syrup it can be used instead of sugar, taking into account that it is sweeter: in this case, use 70 g of syrup for 100 g of sugar.


Apple pulp, perfect not only for this cake

Another option for doing without sugar is to cut back on apple pulp in a puree, that you will mix together with the other ingredients to sweeten your dessert. This way you will only have natural fruit sugars which will make yours delicately sweetened Apple pie. As a quantity, calculate the puree resulting from two large apples for 250-300 g of flour. And if you want to enhance the sweetness even more, you can add sultana raisins soaked in the dough.

The recipe for sugar-free apple pie


300 g flour, 175 g butter, 1 egg, 1/2 sachet of baking powder, grated rind of a lemon, 4 large apples, 100 g chopped hazelnuts.


First, prepare the apple puree. Peel two of them, detorsolatele and cut them into chunks. Put them in a pan and cook them with a drop of water until they fall apart completely. Pass them to the mixer and then set aside 200 g. Melt the butter in a bain-marie and then add it to a bowl with the apple puree, lemon zest, egg and mix well. Add the sifted flour with the baking powder, 50 g of chopped hazelnuts and continue to mix. Grease a 24 cm diameter springform tin, flour it and pour the mixture into it. Peel the remaining apples, cut them into thin slices that you will arrange on the surface of the cake. Finish with the remaining chopped hazelnuts and bake at 180 ° in a static oven for 45 minutes.

In the tutorial some more tips!

Text by Cristina Gambarini


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