The restaurant at the Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta


At the Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta wine and the territory are the protagonists. Along with the wonderful cars, of course

A restaurant next to the track Porsche largest in the world. Yes, because an important space dedicated to cooking and wine could not be missing in the brand new center Porsche Experience Center – Franciacorta.
Born from the redevelopment of the Franciacorta racetrack a Castrezzato, the center, inaugurated a few days ago, is futuristic, but at the same time respectful of the environment, with an architectural concept designed to recover as much as possible the existing structures and power supply from energy from renewable sources. Porsche Experience Center – Franciacorta is the eighth plant of this type in the world – after those in Leipzig, Silverstone, Atlanta, Le Mans, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Hockenheim -, but it is already the first on the list in terms of size: with its 60 hectares is the largest in the world and is ready to welcome over 20,000 visitors a year.

Passion for the car

The plant is divided into two main areas: the Customer Center and the Paddock. The first (5600 square meters) is the portal to access all the experiences aimed at customers and enthusiasts. Briefing rooms for theoretical sessions, a showroom for the configuration of the cars, a shop, a kids area and a large panoramic terrace branch off from a central agora. A Business Center and a Board Room for business meetings are also available, both of which can be booked on request.
The Paddock, including a pit building with 29 boxes, is the area dedicated to hosting major motoring events, starting with the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia one-make championship. The heart of the plant, the circuit, includes different operating areas. The track, a very technical 2.5 km track, unfolds in a succession of curves of various radii and chicanes, perfect for fine-tuning the driving technique. The safe driving area includes a low-grip track where you can experiment with skids, oversteer and pendulums, an irrigable ring in polished concrete, perfect for refining the oversteer and understeer control technique and a large section where to test the efficiency of the systems braking and the stability of the car in emergency maneuvers. An Off Road route is also available with ramps, twists and dirt roads to enhance the performance of off-road vehicles, while, for those who do not feel like driving a powerful car (yet), it is possible to dedicate themselves to the realistic eight latest generation simulators (also with viewer) and an exciting electric go-karts track with 3 power maps.
The structure, which cost 28 million euros, will have some cars available with a driver assistance device that allows people with disabilities to experience the emotions of driving sports without limits.
“The Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta,” he said Pietro Innocenti, CEO of Porsche Italia, «is the highest expression of the Porsche world in a country like Italy, where passion and love for engines are combined with the culture and beauty of a unique nature. It is the ideal place to have fun, get excited and live the passion live, in a stimulating environment and with many attractions ».

Brescia, Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta (photo Claudio Lavenia / Getty Images for Porsche Italia).

Franciacorta and restaurant

In an area of ​​Italy so well known for its elegance and taste, a refined panoramic restaurant cantilevered directly onto the racetrack could not be missing. A continuous tribute to the prestigious wine of these lands, a bond of authenticity and passion between the first Italian wine produced exclusively with the classic method of refermentation in the bottle to have obtained the highest DOCG oenological recognition and Porsche, which has always specialized in the production of cars luxury sports. In the restaurant it is possible to taste a series of dishes linked to the territory, such as a beef tartare with mushrooms with vinegar and Bagoss cheese, char fish with Franciacorta vinegar, burrata with Iseo sardine and cherry tomatoes, but also risotto with Silter cheese and saffron cream or casoncelli with butter and sage to get to second courses such as beef sirloin with Rovato oil and polenta or whitefish with cherry tomatoes and Garda olives.
Great attention is given to the wine list, with an in-depth representation of the different types of Franciacorta Docg, but also of the Curtefranca Doc. The wines, as a tribute to the territory, are also exhibited in a Franciacorta branded wooden winery, with a large window display cabinet and built-in refrigerator that can hold 300 bottles.

After the partnership with Porsche Italia at the beginning of the summer for the Porsche Carrera Cup national championship, the opening of the center is the completion of the collaboration between Franciacorta and the prestigious car brand. “Porsche represents automotive excellence in the world,” he comments Silvano Brescianini, president of the Franciacorta Consortium, «and on behalf of all of Franciacorta I convey the enthusiasm that unites us to this project. With its territory, Franciacorta is ready to welcome Porsche and its guests who can have fun at the Center and at the same time indulge in a food and wine and cultural experience in the cellars, hotels, restaurants and historical places of the area ».


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