Recipes with grapes from appetizer to dessert


A bunch of grapes, a symbol of abundance and wealth, can become the ingredient of an entire menu. Here are our best recipes.

It’s finally here grape season. White, dark, small and sweet or large and crunchy. What is your favorite grape quality? While you think about it, we want to suggest you some ideas to bring this fruit to the table extraordinary able to enrich many dishes with taste and color.

Variety of grapes

In Italy, grape crops cover approx 50,000 hectares of the territory and from May to January it is possible to find many types of table grapes on the market.
The factors that influence the production of one variety instead of another can vary according to environmental and climatic conditions.
We distinguish in a very simple way table grapes and wine grapes. Within both categories, we distinguish three types of grapes based on color: red black and white.
Another distinction is between grains with or without seeds. Generally, those without seeds that come from organic farming are more in demand on the market.
The most common varieties on our tables are the Queen and the Pizzutella.
As for the vines, the Italian ones are very numerous and all very famous all over the world.


Because grapes bring good luck

Who eats grapes the December 31st will be rich all year round. Believe it or not, it doesn’t hurt to try! Grapes are symbol of opulence and abundance and according to popular tradition, eating it at the end of the year brings money and wealth. The rule has it that at midnight they eat 12 beans, like 12 are the months of the year. A few months may be less “sweet” than the others. We will find out only by eating the beans!

Here is now a complete menu based on grapes. From appetizers to desserts, many original and tantalizing ideas to bring extraordinary fruit to the table and amaze your guests.


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