Plant Kitchen in Areadocks, the festival of vegetable gastronomic arts


In Brescia, in the splendid setting of AreaDocks, the first festival dedicated to vegetable gastronomic arts took place, two evenings dedicated to plant-based gourmet cuisine, in an ethical and sustainable key

Two menus, four chefs and 12 unique creations cheered the diners of Areadocks, hub of entertainment, gastronomy, relaxation and lifestyle in the city of Brescia, next Italian capital of culture in 2023. Plant Kitchen 2021 is the first of a series of events that will see, in the coming years, celebrate vegetable cuisine with an avant-garde ethical spirit, to promote tangible results, positive changes and sustainable solutions, to transform the way in which man produces, consumes and think about food.

Plant Kitchen was organized in collaboration with Vegan Set, a consulting company for luxury Hotêllerie, and among the partners of the two evenings the first Vertical Farm in Brescia, Babygreens, them the microgreens and edible flowers that decorated the creations of the chefs, and two certified vegan wine excellences: Querciabella And Champagne Leclerc Briant.

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Guest chef

The protagonists of the two dinners are four national and international chefs, Luca Andrè teacher of innovative gourmet cuisine at the FunnyVeg Academy in Milan and owner and chef of Soul Kitchen in Turin, haute cuisine, creative, gourmet, and Sara Bussetti, a very fine talent with prestigious collaborations behind him and 2 years at the head of the brigade of the renowned Clinique la Prairie, in Switzerland, world leader in promoting longevity.
Solar energy on the international scene Tora Olsson, Swedish food artist / designer with a masters in food science and a degree in gastronomy, travels the world teaching vegetable cooking and tasting his philosophy, and Pauline Steiner, a young French chef who has learned techniques and mastery from the most important kitchens in France, Ducasse, Rostang Sandorens, Rathgeber and other important names before arriving in Asia and letting himself be conquered by oriental flavors and ingredients, and now a chef in Bordeaux.

The chefs have been able to enhance the cuisine plant based with exclusive menus and a surprising approach, mastery of cooking techniques and methods, a mix of raw and cooked ingredients, marinades and smokes, varied styles, textures and enveloping flavors, between acid, savory, sweet and umami.

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What is plant based cuisine

With the term plant based it refers to a new frontier of vegetable cuisine, which took its first steps in America and is now conquering demanding chefs and palates. A kitchen based on one more sustainable, ethical and healthy choice, with a watchful eye on the future of the environment, thinking of resilient and eco-sustainable food and production systems. It is not just about consuming vegetables, but about taking natural foods, not industrially processed, not treated, not deriving from the exploitation of resources and animals, preferably at zero km and with zero environmental impact. It differs from the vegan philosophy which, in addition to excluding any product of animal origin from one’s diet, also includes all the part of animal exploitation in every aspect of life, from clothing to cosmetics, up to recreational activities such as circus, zoos and aquariums. So in conclusion, every vegan is a plant based, but not all plant based is vegan.

The magical world of Areadocks

Areadocks, a container of emotions and energies, with a refined and refined style, where food, relaxation, fun and love for design meet in a game of styles and environments with a modern and sophisticated charm, but without superstructures. Former industrial area of ​​the early twentieth century, about three thousand square meters that are developed in several spaces, from loft restaurant, with Mediterranean cuisine and international influences, al loft bistro and loft garden to live the mixology experience from aperitif to after dinner, unique locations with furniture area, clothing shop, Icos boutique and the brand new Boutique Hotel.

A 360-degree experience and a new philosophy of tailor made hospitality, in the image and likeness of the guest’s needs and consistent with Areadocks’ philosophy, without labels and preconceptions, but with a lot of refinement and attention to detail.
Exclusive rooms, suites and superior, each with its own style of character, unconventional, each piece of furniture can be purchased by guests, this allows you to have rooms and designs that are always different and unique in their kind. Emotional showers, mattresses that guarantee optimal sleep performance, a sophisticated radiant air conditioning system for a unique “high mountain” effect well-being, and to conclude a Spa and wellness center on the rooftop, overlooking the city, with sauna, turkish bath, two whirlpool tubs on the terrace, emotional showers and relaxation area with water mattresses. An informal world, where guests are called by name: bikes, e-bikes, electric scooters, umbrellas and tailor-made personal shopping and interior design services are at their disposal.

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