Parma: the best gourmet shops


Where to buy delicious souvenirs in the Parma area: from cured meats to the prized Parmigiano Reggiano da Vacche Rosse, from Miracolo bread to cream granita. Here are the addresses recommended by us!

To make the shopping list you need the right ingredients, but above all the right places. Where to buy gastronomic delicacies in Parma and its surroundings? Here are our tips if you are in the area or want to take a targeted trip to the city of a thousand delicacies.

The Prosciutteria

Also consider it the good gastronomic salon of Parma, right in the center. In addition to the best Parma hams, there are prized varieties of Parmigiano Reggiano Dop and ready meals.

Antica Salumeria Rastelli

Opened after the war, it retains the atmosphere of a shop of the past. On the counter a super selection of cold cuts and cheeses and the best wine labels, as a tribute to the goodness of the territory.

Podere Stuard

In the shop of this experimental farm they sell naturally grown products: grains and fruits in danger of extinction including over one hundred varieties of ancient cereals and tomatoes.

The Cellar of the meat

A historic butcher’s shop (opened in 1897) specializing in the selection of beef and pork from small farms with animals free to move and feed naturally. Sausages, salami and hams are homemade.

Alvè Fornobottega

It is the most innovative brand and now a point of reference in Parma for leavened products. They have a weekly calendar of loaves, from the one made with the wheat of the Miracle on Tuesday to the one made with chocolate. The biscuits are also excellent. His panettone is considered the number one in the city.

alvè fornobottega

Banchini chocolate shop

In 1879, Gian Battista Banchini took over a cafeteria and transformed it into a chocolate factory, refining the art until winning a special prize at the Paris Exposition in 1908. Since 2012 the heirs have started to produce bars, biscuits, cakes, ice creams according to the original recipe book.

Banchini chocolate shop

Battistini pastry shop

Topical desserts, such as the «Torta Parma 2020»: gianduia mousse, chantilly with zabaglione, cocoa bisque, rum, coffee cream and dark chocolate base and fleur de sel.

Battistini pastry shop

Ciacco Lab

The owner Stefano Guizzetti is considered one of the inventors of gastronomic ice cream. It also does it with Parmigiano Reggiano and Malvasia, for an alternative aperitif.

ciocco lab


Rural Market

A small supermarket in the historic center where the agricultural products of Emilian, Tuscan and Ligurian biodiversity are found. From Violina pumpkin to ancient grain bread, from black pork ham to milk from the Stable of Salvation, with rare native breeds.

Food Farm 4.0

In the start-up shop you can buy tomato preserves, jams, ricotta, baked goods. All done by the students of the high schools of Parma and the province who thus learn the advantages of working in a short chain in the field.

Where to buy in the province!

Dairy Gennari, Collecchio

The Parmigiano Reggiano Dop with a complete supply chain, from the pastures to the shop in the village (plus two in Parma). There are the varieties Vacche Rosse and Riserva 48 and 60 months, but – assures the owner Paolo Gennari – also the Vacche Grigie is super. At the dairy he organizes workshops on cheese.

La Bottega di Mora, Langhirano

Historic address for cured meats (including the highly prized Coppa di Parma Antica), typical ready-made dishes and fine butchers: they also offer Florentine from Tuscany, Romagna, Marche and Brenner.

Hello Milk, Noceto

Thirteen of the one hundred and sixty hectares of land are dedicated to natural methods of cultivation: without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, without GMOs and antibiotics for cows, only using the resources available on site effectively. It goes without saying that Parmigiano Reggiano but also ricotta, stracchino, butter and ice cream are genuine and delicious.

AgriBottega Bertinelli, Noceto

Its flagship product is the Millesimato obtained with milk from cows that have given birth for no more than 100 days, so it is very rich in proteins. It also makes Parmigiano Reggiano DOP in a kosher version, under the supervision of the rabbi, and halal.

Bré del Gallo Farm, Fontanelle

In the cellars with natural ventilation they age a very sweet Culatello di Zibello which is part of the consortium and is a Slow Food presidium. The secret of goodness is the feeding and care of the pigs plus the fog of the Bassa.

The Parma Farm, Fontanellato

In the SalAmeria you can taste assorted platters with Culatello di Zibello and surroundings – Culatta and Strolghino -, but also Salame Felino Igp or black pork. Do not miss a visit to the aging cellars with cold cuts stalactites.

Brewery of the Ducato, Soragna

Belgian style paradox, American style AFO or Via Emilia, the most awarded Italian pilsner in the world. The Parma line, on the other hand, is inspired by the food and wine excellences of the territory. For example, Amber is designed to accompany fatty salami.

Tabiano pastry shop, Tabiano

Claudio Gatti’s specialties are the savory and sweet focaccia (try the one with candied spelled), the cakes dedicated to the works of Giuseppe Verdi (Aida and Rigoletto among others) and the crunchy sweet of the Via Francigena, designed to munch on the way .

Magritte Gelati al Cubo, Fidenza

The cream granita is just one of the latest creations. But the philosophy is unique: to experiment and use local ingredients to prepare unexpected tastes. An example? The Centofoglie in the Apennines, a cow’s milk ricotta ice cream from the Monte Pelpi di Bedonia farm flavored with six varieties of basil. Via Cavour 72


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