I am celiac: this is what I eat for lunch


At home, in the office or in a restaurant, lunch is a delicate moment: time is often short, but we must not give up on taste. An undertaking that becomes more difficult for those who must avoid foods containing gluten

The lunch break for many is synonymous with a quick sandwich. A choice that turns out to be impractical when it turns out to be celiacs, unless you use breads and doughs prepared with gluten-free flours. However, a little organization is enough to solve the problem: by cooking the day before you can prepare delicious dishes, ready to eat comfortably at home or even to take to the office.

Salad: not just rice

A classic in this sense is the rice salad, enriched with the ingredients we like most, from vegetables to ham, from hard-boiled eggs to cheese. A similar result can be obtained with the quinoa: rinsed and cooked for about twenty minutes, it should be cooled under water and seasoned to taste. Some idea? A mix of cooked and raw diced vegetables; cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and black olives; tuna in oil, green beans and spring onion.

Excellent as a base for salads is also the mile, to be boiled for about twenty minutes in boiling salted water and seasoned as desired: to be tried with mixed grilled vegetables, anchovies and capers. And then the legumes: delicious and satiating single dishes can be prepared starting from chickpeas, beans and lentils. Without forgetting the traditional “salads”: An example above all, the nicoise, with green salad, tomato, green beans, tuna, olives, anchovies, onion and hard-boiled eggs.

Savory pies? Yes please

Why give up the goodness and convenience of a savory pie? It can be made from pasta brisee gluten-free ready, easily available in supermarkets, or by preparing the dough at home. In this case you will need 500 grams of gluten-free flour and 250 grams of butter, to be kneaded quickly with a pinch of salt. Obtained a pile of crumbs, add 180 grams of very cold water and knead. The dough must rest, wrapped in cling film, for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator before rolling it out and using it as desired: the only limit for the filling is your imagination! Ricotta and spinach, tomatoes, ham and basil, radicchio and taleggio, up to the classic quiche lorraine. You can also prepare the brisée by replacing the wheat flour with rice flour.


Oriental style spaghetti

An idea for a quick lunch comes from the East: spaghetti of rice or soy they do not contain gluten and cook very quickly. For a complete and tasty dish, just toss them, after having softened them in boiling water, in a non-stick pan or in the wok, with a drizzle of oil, spices and ingredients to taste: filleted vegetables, peas, beaten eggs and diced ham, cubes of tuna and zucchini, shredded chicken breast and peppers, just to give some ideas. For a truly oriental touch, a few drops of soy sauce: it is also gluten-free on the market, but as always, pay attention to the ingredients (and check that the crossed ear symbol is present).

Instead of bread

Instead of bread and wraps you can prepare one farinata, with 500 g of chickpea flour to be diluted with a liter and a half of cold water poured slowly, mixing well with a spoon; salt the dough and let it rest for at least four hours, then remove the foam that has formed on the surface with a slotted spoon and mix the mixture, which is then poured into a baking pan generously greased with oil; sprinkle with chopped rosemary, then bake in the oven at 200 ° for about 20 minutes. Still, you can prepare one polenta classic, with yellow flour, very thick, let it cool and then cut it into thick slices and grill it.

At the restaurant

The lunch break at the restaurant is not to be banned, far from it. You just have to pay attention to the choice of the venue, which offers sufficient guarantees. A good guide is represented by the website of theAIC, Italian Celiac Association, where you can find the addresses of the premises participating in the project Food Out of Home: http://www.celiachia.it/DIETA/ricercaStruttori.php

In any case, it is not enough to order gluten-free dishes, such as a grilled steak or a risotto: the problem must be brought to the attention of the staff, in order to avoid contamination of any kind.


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