Egg-based chewing gum arrives: would you taste it?


Eurovo launches a new brand of food supplements based on the properties of the noble proteins contained in the egg white of chicken eggs. We explain what it is

It came on the market Lypro Chewing Gum, chewing gum based on egg proteins, naturally contained in egg white, and fennel. It is a food supplement, sugar free, gluten and lactose free and low in calories. If you’re wondering why you should try an egg-based chewing gum, first understand what its properties are.

The properties of eggs

Eggs are characterized by a high biological value protein kit: in every 100 g, in fact, 12.4 g of proteins are contained. A value present above all in egg white which, thanks also to its very low fat content, represents a source of very high quality proteins.

In the opinion of Martina Donegani, nutritionist biologist: «There are several benefits that recent studies have attributed to the proteins contained in eggs, in particular to lysozyme, an enzyme widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries for its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This substance, naturally contained in the white of chicken eggs, helps inhibit the growth of many microorganisms, making them more vulnerable1,2,4,6,7. For this reason, lysozyme, coming from egg white, can be considered a useful substance against some pathogenic microorganisms3,4,5,6 ”. “The food industry has also benefited greatly from the properties of lysozyme naturally present in egg white: this enzyme, in fact, is used in the preparation of” fermented “foods, such as beer, wine and some cheeses such as Grana Padano , Asiago and Provolone, to prevent the development of microorganisms that could damage the food and at the same time to promote the growth of bacteria which have a positive action in the fermentation and maturing processes ».


Now we can move on to the tasting! What does Lypro Chewing Gum taste like? It certainly doesn’t taste like egg, but it features a refreshing peppermint taste.

«Eurovo Group continues to strengthen its portfolio of proprietary brands with Lypro, an innovative line thanks to which consumers will be able to discover the properties of egg proteins in a new and unexpected way. As a leading company in the egg and egg product sector, we have been studying the beneficial effects of these substances, in particular of lysozyme, for some time. Thanks to Lypro, Eurovo Group takes a new step forward in its path in the name of innovation and research, positioning itself in a dynamic segment such as that of the extra drug that we plan to oversee with the launch of new references “he explains. Federico Lionello, Eurovo Group Marketing and Commercial Director.

Lypro Chewing Gum is on sale exclusively on VitaminCenter, the reference e-commerce in the field of sports nutrition and wellness.


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