5 ideas for reusing apple scraps


Have you prepared the apple tart and now you find yourself with the scraps to throw away? From peel to core, 5 delicious and clever ideas for recycling apple waste

The apple scraps they have never been so trendy: not only are they used today to create fashion accessories in vegan leather and new alternative fabrics, but in the kitchen you can use them in many recipes. Apple peels contain protective substances for our body and a high quantity of fibers, by choosing the freshest, crunchy, organic and untreated ones you can recycle them in the kitchen without problems. there 5 easy easy ideas to recycle apple scraps.

Recycle apple scraps: herbal teas

Let’s start with the simplest recipe: if you love scented drinks, you can prepare one digestive herbal tea preparing an infusion based on the fresh peel of two apples, two slices of fresh ginger, a pinch of cinnamon, in half a liter of boiling water. After 5 minutes of infusion, filter and add a few drops of lemon and if you want a little bit of honey or maple syrup.

Another idea to reduce waste in an herbal tea is to dry the skins, and then store them in a jar by adding your favorite spices such as a cinnamon stick or cloves. The dried peels will also be very convenient for decorating your sweet and savory dishes.


Recycle apple scraps: sorbet

If you love preparing apple extracts, you can reuse the waste from the extractor in many ways such as green apple sorbet. In this case, you will need them peels and cores of 5 green apples, 200 g of sugar, 1 egg white and 1 whole lemon. Discard the stalk and seeds, immediately dip the peels in water and lemon as you cut the fruit. Meanwhile, boil the sugar in water to prepare the syrup and let it cool. Blend the lemon wedges with peels and cores, add the syrup, and add the whipped egg white to the mixture. Put everything in the freezer and every 15 minutes stir vigorously 4 times in a row, then leave in the freezer for 4 hours. It should be removed from the freezer at least 20 minutes in advance and then ‘whipped’ with a whisk, or cut into pieces and blended if it is too hard. It is perfect for cleaning the mouth between courses, due to its very acidic and very fresh effect.

Recycle apple scraps: in the jam

You know that peel and core of apples they can become a natural thickener for jams by adding them directly in the preparation of jams? Obviously discarding the seeds and petioles of the apples.

Recycle apple scraps: delicious sauce

If you are not great lovers of sweets, here is one instead salty apple peel sauce which goes perfectly with pork main courses: boil apple peel and lemon peel in the vegetable broth and let it retire. Add the sauce to a sautéed shallot or onion, blend, season with salt and lemon and combine the sauce with the meat.


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