Grapes, sweet and savory recipes


From risotto with chicken to skewers and pies, many possible uses of the “queen of September” in the kitchen, discover all our recipes with grapes

The grape like any queen arrives at the end of the summer for close the summer in style and prepare us with its sweetness to face the cold: so a series of recipes between sweet and savory allow you to prepare a perfect menu for the month of September. Because despite the high sugar content and its propensity to become an excellent wine, the grape is very versatile in the kitchen and allows skilful mixes, as well as bringing significant benefits to those who consume it, given the antioxidant virtues and the positive effect on the cardiovascular system of this delicious fruit.

Recipes with grapes: extreme taste in the appetizer

Autumn is coming and to console us we just have to face it with large doses of grapes. Starting with the appetizers, and in particular a fantastic one skewer alternating smoked salmon and white grapes plus diced Roquefort cheese and wild fennel. Another type of skewer that wisely plays between contrasts is that of grapes and bacon. The composition must be baked in the oven for 2-3 minutes and then quickly eaten to the satisfaction of the palate.

Recipes with grapes: dare in first courses

It is not easy to combine a typically sweet fruit and sometimes a bit sour like grapes. But in risotto its happy presence is sure, in particular it is very tasty risotto with grapes and almonds plus fennel, basil and mint. To complete the delicious dish it takes some Canestrato cut into flakes. There are also those who add a pinch of cinnamon, while everyone does not forget to pour a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil before eating it. Another tasty risotto that plays with extremes is the one made with grapes and sausage. The only warning is to peel the fruit of its skin, for the rest it is a dish that has the typical preparation of risotto. At the end of cooking it needs plenty of Parmesan cheese and butter for a few minutes freezing. Then all that remains is to serve it. But even with pasta it is possible to obtain excellent combinations. As in the case of fusilli with grapes. Where together with the sliced ​​smoked bacon the berries of the September fruit dominate. The pancetta is sautéed in a pan until crispy. Then add the onion and grapes, then season the fusilli together with cream and pepper without forgetting a generous sprinkling of grated cheese.


Recipes with grapes: let yourself be surprised in the second

Versatile as never before, the grape manages to surprise because it goes perfectly with roast veal. Cooking the meat together with this fruit guarantees the meat a pleasant aftertaste and a tasty cooking sauce. Obviously the first hour of cooking sees the meat beautifully accompanied only by carrots, celery, onions and garlic as in a usual roast. Then the grapes are added for a further 20 minutes at a temperature of about 180 degrees to complete the recipe. The grapes only at the end of cooking, on the other hand, are added in the preparation of chicken breasts with marsala and sherry. Once the meat has been browned in a pan with oil and butter, pour the berries plus a grating of nutmeg. Finally, a more decisive contrast is sought if one chooses to prepare the white grape sausage where the meat with a typical full-bodied taste finds a combination of flavors when browned with this fruit. For a lighter dish, on the other hand, you can think of asalad with grapes, salmon (grilled), walnuts and thyme all seasoned with oil and vinegar plus a pinch of mustard.

Grape Recipes: Fall in love with divine sweets and desserts

Grapes cannot be missing in tarts, its presence in September is, so to speak, mandatory alongside the rest of the seasonal fruit. But it’s actually a fantastic accompaniment also in the schiacciata made with well leavened bread dough. In the mixture obtained with flour and egg together with oil and sugar, once divided in half and spread in the pan, you have to sprinkle the berries on top. The first sheet is then covered with the second sheet kept aside which in turn is topped with the leftover grapes for a delicate decoration.

Here are our recipes with super tasty grapes


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