Franciacorta launches a film dedicated to fashion


It is called “Franciacorta: a Golden Feeling” the fashion film that Franciacorta presented on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, to pay homage to Italian fashion that finally returns to the shows in attendance

Franciacorta celebrates Italian fashion with a film that indissolubly unites it with the world of style and creativity, enhancing the brand as an integral part of the fashion system. Franciacorta thus opens the tenth year of collaboration with National Chamber of Italian Fashion, with which it shares the distinctive traits of Made in Italy since 2012: craftsmanship, elegance and quality.

“Being a partner of Camera della Moda is a source of great pride for Franciacorta and an opportunity to strengthen similar values ​​and peculiarities”, he says Silvano Brescianini – President of the Franciacorta Consortium. «Franciacorta, in fact, shares with the Italian fashion houses the creativity that gives the finished product originality, elegance and quality, success factors of Italian Style in the world».


“Franciacorta: a Golden Feeling” is a tribute to fashion and beauty with a strong visual impact: the film opens with a series of glasses arranged in a perfectly geometric order in the center of an indefinite space, the bubbles rise brightly in the glasses until a muffled sound coming from a club in the next room, makes everything shake creating ripples. The room approaches a glass, virtually immersing the viewer in Franciacorta, until this, with its bubbles, becomes a “portal” for a new dimension, made of lights, glitter and fashion, where the dancers alternate in a series of performances .

The director is Aeneas Colombi, a young Italian talent, signing the music videos of the most successful artists in Italy: “Working with Franciacorta was really stimulating, at the basis of the working relationship there was a strong trust in my vision and this led to building a narrative that was not conventional and experimental that brought the consortium closer to the world of fashion film. “
The film was made by Blink Fish, a creative reality founded in 2012 by a group of directors, producers and post-producers with a strong experience in fashion and luxury.

You can see it on the Camera della Moda platform for the entire duration of the Fashion Week, at the end of which it will be available on all Franciacorta social channels.


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