All the ideas for recycling chicken leftovers


From salad to sandwich, from nuggets to pasta, here’s how to use leftover chicken without throwing anything away

The whole roasted chicken was cooked for dinner too much? Did they all eat the thighs leaving the chest or vice versa? It doesn’t matter if there is some meat left over, the important thing is do not throw away nothing in the trash, but recycle, recycle, recycle! Chicken leftovers can turn into a tasty dish for lunch the next day, for the lunch box to take to the office or for an aperitif based on finger food. So here are 6 ideas to re-cook it.

Chicken in the salad

The easiest, fastest and most versatile solution. Chicken goes well with many ingredients such as bacon, eggs, courgettes, olives. So you can unleash your imagination to compose a salad (here are 10 ideas!)

Chicken in the pasta

Shredded chicken leftovers are great for pasta. Just brown them with garlic and chilli (you can also add a little tomato sauce) and add them to the pasta seasoning with grated cheese and pepper. Or combine chicken with zucchini or mushrooms or peas for an even more substantial dressing.


Chicken Nuggets

To prepare this irresistible finger food, chop the leftover chicken with chopped bread, a pinch of salt, a sliced ​​white onion, a clove of garlic. With the dough create balls and then flatten them like meatballs trying to give a teardrop shape, then pass them in a batter obtained with flour, milk, egg, yeast, oil and salt. Pass the nuggets also in the breadcrumbs and then fry in hot oil.

Chicken nuggets

An alternative to nuggets are croquettes. Chop the chicken and mix in the béchamel, grated Parmesan, salt and pepper. Shape the croquettes with the dough, pass them in the beaten egg, in the breadcrumbs and finally fry.

Chicken skewers

Leftover chicken? If the quantity is sufficient you can cut it into pieces and create tasty skewers alternating it with yellow and red peppers, to other types of carnand like pork sausage or fish like shrimp. If you are looking for inspiration, check out this recipe.

Sandwich with chicken

Nothing easier to reuse leftover chicken. Cut it out and stuff a sandwich adding what you like best: tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, grilled vegetables, onions. Also try this recipe with peanut cream and cherry tomatoes.

Here are other recipes from our archive where you can use leftover chicken


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