We consume fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables!


The importance of eating fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables is fundamental for our physical well-being but also to create sustainable agriculture systems and to reduce waste

The taste and aroma of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables are unparalleled! In addition to giving the maximum of vitamins and nutrients, these foods when eaten fresh and at the right point of ripeness contribute to generating sustainable food systems. For this reason, three associations of Italian producers, AOA, La Deliziosa and Terra Orti, have decided to launch an information and promotional campaign in collaboration with the European Union. “I LOVE FRUIT & VEG FROM EUROPE I Choose FRESH & FAIR! ” aimed at promoting, in Italy and abroad, the conscious purchase and consumption of Italian and European fruit and vegetables.

Who are these associations

AOA, La Deliziosa and Terra Orti are already very active nationally, with over 900 associated producers and an immense variety of references, sufficient to cover all the plant needs of many families, throughout the year. The offices of the associations are located in Salerno, Eboli and in the Catania area, but the producers who have joined are all over Italy, and this allows you to have an almost infinite range of references, many of which are DOP or IGP brands. Among the cultivated and proposed products, radish, courgettes, peaches, pears, prickly pear, spring onions, apricots, cabbage, peppers, aubergines and many others, which make up the usual basket of most part of the Italian families.


The idea of ​​the European program

Already active at a regional level, with awareness and communication projects for everything related to the advantages of consuming fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables, AOA, La Deliziosa and Terra Orti have decided this year to think big and expand their borders, coming to offer their products to the European market, aware that raising awareness of a diet as healthy as possible has positive implications not only in individual well-being, but also in the safeguarding and protection of the entire agricultural system. In fact, sustainable and inclusive supply chains can help increase production, help improve the availability, safety and affordability of fruit and vegetables. And this accessibility, the three associations also guarantee thanks to extraordinary logistics, which in less than 24 hours can deliver the best of Italian production throughout Europe.

The advantages of consuming very fresh fruit and vegetables

There are many reasons to learn how to consume more fruit and vegetables in our daily diet. Among the most important, because these products help prevent skin aging, increase the immune defenses, they regulate body weight, contribute to the functioning of the whole organism and prevent certain diseases, including coronary heart disease and stroke. The daily requirement would refer to the classic five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables, on average 400 g per person. Eating fruits and vegetables therefore means having a constant supply of mineral salts, vitamins, fibers and antioxidants, contained in variable quantities in different foods. And how can you be sure you are getting all the different nutritional properties of plants? A trick that is as simple as it is effective is to rely on their color. The more colors on the table, the more nutrients we are sure to get!


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