Turkey breast or rump: what’s the difference?


It is always on the shopping list of those who want to “eat light”, but what exactly is turkey breast and how does it differ from breast?

There Turkey breast has become more and more part of our cuisine and is particularly appreciated by those who follow a low-calorie diet because of its nutritional properties.
Turkey, especially the breast, is one of the most used white meats in diets, being low in fat, but rich in protein and mineral salts.
It is important, however, to make a clarification to understand what the turkey breast really is and what is the difference with the breast.

What is the rump?

Often there is confusion between the product commonly known as turkey breast and the actual part of the animal. For example, the rump of beef it is a very lean cut of meat that is found in the thigh. The same goes for the veal rump, which is the inner part of the thigh.
Which part of the turkey is identified with the rump?

What is the difference between rump and turkey breast?

For turkey breast we can mean two different types of product.


The sliced ​​meat that we buy in a butcher or supermarket, called Turkey breast, is made from the turkey breast: it is a sausage obtained in most cases from the processing of the breast muscles, boned and cleaned, which are then softened, seasoned with a mix of salt and spices and finally subjected to smoking or a caramel treatment.

The turkey breast does not therefore correspond to the Turkey breast, a real cut of fresh meat, whole or sliced, to be cooked according to needs and which is often found in the butcher’s shop under the name of rump.

The turkey breast in the kitchen

The comfortable and versatile sliced ​​turkey breast can be used in sandwiches, in the toast, in wraps or for rolls, as is done with other cured meats.
The reading of the labels, to verify that it is prepared only with turkey breast, preferring products with a low salt content and added flavorings.

The turkey breast, with his own lean and delicate meat, lends itself to being cooked both in a simple way (in the oven, in a pan or steamed), and to become a tasty roast stuffed.
Try one of our recipes to prepare it with ricotta and pea filling, chestnuts, ham or pumpkin, sausage and amaretti.


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