Ferrero Rocher #DaAssager tablets arrive


Ferrero Rocher changes shape once again. After the ice creams, the iconic hazelnut praline-flavored bars arrive, in three versions #DaTaste

The pleasure of tasting a Ferrero Rocher takes on unexpected forms with the launch of the new ones tablets of chocolate, characterized by that unique touch of hazelnut that we love so much. It took several years to present this delicious novelty: the product was studied by a team of 50 people, through numerous tests, before arriving at the final recipe. Let’s find out together how they are made.

Ferrero Rocher tablets

The three variants, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and chocolate White, they will be available from the beginning October and available all year round.


The tablets have a dome over the square which recalls the spherical shape of the original pralines; inside, several layers are revealed that contain a creamy filling with chopped hazelnuts.

Ferrero Rocher Classico tablet

Ferrero Rocher tablets, as well as all Ferrero products, are made with selected ingredients, such as 100% certified sustainable cocoa.

The launch of the new tablets will not only involve Italy, but also Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to then arrive, in 2022, in Spain, Portugal and the USA.

Recommended retail price: € 1.89


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