Autumn soups: ideas and advice


This season is always the right time to bring this comfort food to the table. Here are some ideas and our tips for cooking it to perfection

There is no better season than autumn to bring to the table delicious soups prepared with the best ingredients that this time of year gives us.

Velvety: not just pumpkin

We only talk about pumpkin soups because pumpkin is the queen of the table in autumn, but you can also prepare excellent soups with broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, leeks, carrots and apples, you know that?
You can also mix more vegetables and give it a magical touch by adding some spice or accompany your creams with croutons, sour cream, sautéed mushrooms or crispy bacon.
The beauty of this dish is that you can really make it according to your tastes and using what you have at home.

Cream and potatoes

The cream is soft rendering as its name says from theadding fresh cream, but for one lighter version you can replace the cream by adding one boiled potato to other vegetables to give the mixture a creamier consistency.
For a velvety with an ethnic flavor you can add some coconut milk and if instead you want a boost in taste then try it with yogurt or sour cream.


Some tips for a perfect velvety cream

Beware of lumps! If you want to bring a very soft velvety to the table pass it in a colander to eliminate all vegetable residues that are not perfectly blended.
Remember that delicate vegetable soups such as those in leaves need the addition of a ingredient that gives consistency, like potatoes or squash, otherwise they will always remain too liquid. If the cream is still too liquid, continue cooking for a few minutes.
As for the temperature, remember that the velouté must not be served cold or boiling, but hot at the right point to be able to eat it with pleasure.

Cream of porcini mushrooms
Cream of porcini mushrooms.

We propose you now some recipes tested by our editorial staff, prepared with typically autumn ingredients.


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