Anti-waste: 5 apps not to be missed


There are those who offer unsold food at discounted prices, those who save expiring products by putting them on offer and those who help us cook with what’s in the fridge

The latest data on the food waste are those published last March 4 and related to Food Waste Index Report UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) and the Wrap organization: this is the most complete collection of data and analysis on the phenomenon, which says that in the world the 17% of all food produced, equal to 23 million trucks of 40 tons of cargo that, lined up, would circle the Earth seven times. Waste occurs mainly inhome environment, then in shops and restaurants. Fortunately, 2020 saw a slight decrease in waste, thanks to the health emergency situation we are experiencing, but also a greater awareness of everyone and the many projects to combat waste that arise every day. A few examples? These five anti-waste applications that we can use to make our contribution sustainability.

The applications not to be missed against waste

To Good To Go

“Too good to throw away”: To Good To Go, the app born in 2015 in Denmark, landed in Italy in 2019. Through it bars, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, supermarkets and hotels can sell Magic Box, “bags” with a surprise selection of fresh products and dishes left over unsold at the end of the day and which cannot be put back on sale the following day. Consumers can thus buy meals at minimal prices, between 2 and 6 euros, committing at the same time in the fight against waste and in the protection of the environment (0 every Magic Box purchased allows you to avoid the emission of 2 kg of Co2): just geolocate yourself and look for the participating premises, order your Magic Box, pay for it through the ‘app and pick it up at the specified time slot to find out what’s inside.



Born in 2016 from the idea of ​​a group of Italian boys under 30, MyFoody is the app that allows you to make a shopping without waste saving up to 50%. Through collaborations with various supermarkets in Italy, retailers and producers, i expiring products, with packaging defects or purchased in excess are processed into anti-waste offers for consumers who can also monitor the ecological impact of spending. By saving your favorite points of sale you can receive notifications of available products and in the app blog you will also find many ideas for anti-waste recipes.


Also BestBefore aims to save from waste i expiring products, the imperfect ones or at the end of stock by selecting them and making them available to discounted prices. It is not an app, but one online platform where the products can be searched by expiration date (14, 10, 7 days) or by category (cured meats, pasta, cheeses, etc). Each batch of product is loaded exactly 14 days after expiration and remains available for purchase for 7 days. Every day, an algorithm applies one progressive discount to the lot on sale. The first day is 5%, up to 50% discount on the 7th day. Once you have chosen what to buy, go to the virtual shopping cart and make the payment. Within 48 hours the products come delivered home.


The app Regusto, available for Android, offers the possibility to buy take-away dishes on offer. It indicates the last minute offers of public establishments (restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops, food trucks, etc.) to allow users to purchase and collect directly from the restaurant at the indicated time. This way the business owner can better manage inventory, cooking, surpluses and users save. And they all contribute to the fight against waste.

Empty fridge

The name speaks for itself: Empty fridge is the app available for iOS and Android that suggests us further 25 thousand recipes to cook with what’s in the fridge, even if little, avoiding waste. The search is carried out by selecting between first courses, second courses, desserts and entering the name of the ingredient we want to use or a recipe we have in mind. The system filters the available recipes according to the parameters entered and so many anti-waste ideas appear to bring to the table.


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