Terry Monroe’s golden living room


OᴙO Scrt Room is the name of the new restaurant of Terry Monroe, famous and well-prepared barlady. Where is it? Next to the Naviglio Pavese, in the underground rooms of the Alcoholic Pharmacy Sacristy

It is not a speakeasy because the address is known, via Conchetta 20, in Milan, but to become part of this Cocktail Society you have to be introduced by someone who is already “affiliated”. No card, no name, just a coin (at first copper, then silver and finally gold) that serves as a pass, and a telephone number to call.

Forget the patterns (who knows Terry, owner of Opera 33 in via Farini since 1997 and founder of the Speziology laboratory, knows what I mean) and let us guide you in an experience that involves all the senses.

If welcomed, you can descend a ladder and be admired by the pharmaceutical laboratory counter with the bottle container made up of 79 aromas (79 bottles containing gin, whiskey, tequila, rum and flavored vodka): one new periodic table of 79 elements and the 79th is the OOR.

The GOLD bottle box – Scrt Room

Terry and her colleagues will invite you to sign a register (nib and inkwell, attention!) And finally to sit in the secret room, a living room out of time and space.

The impression could be of being in Versailles or London, Pigalle or New York, New Orleans or in the Old Milan of a dating house.

At the first meeting you will receive the Copper Coin with which to book the next experience. On the second you will exchange the Copper Coin (which you will give to a new customer) for a Silver one. At the tenth meeting you will deserve the Gold Coin which will allow you to live superior “experiences”.

Terry Monroe and the Gold Coin

Do not expect a classic drink list, each cocktail is tailor-made, following your preferences: you will be able to choose the basic alcohol, flavor, color, consistency and aroma.

A few examples?

Vodka, blue, sweet, full-bodied, floral.
Tequila, yellow, acid, light, fruity.
Whiskey, black, bitter, strong, spicy.

One of the drinks from ORO – Scrt Room

You will discover for yourself that the combinations are almost infinite and that, like the reverse of the logo, everything can take another path. Especially if you have the golden coin …

GOLD – Scrt Room
Naviglio Pavese – NA.PA – 20136 Milan
From Tuesday to Saturday, from 7pm to 2am (closed Sunday and Monday)


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