Recipes for those who can’t cook (and want to make a great impression!)


Do you want to make a great impression in front of family and friends, but don’t know how to pick up a pan? Don’t worry, our editorial team is ready to give you the right advice to spend little time and energy, but above all at a low difficulty level … without giving up the wow effect!

Cooking is an art, you know, but not everyone is gifted or has the time and desire to learn. It takes patience, dedication, care and attention to the product to cook well, also placing a strong regard for the technique. Fortunately, however, we of Italian Cuisine are here to support and help everyone: the most and the least capable. This is why we offer a series of recipes aimed at those who fight a little with the stove, but who want to make a good impression in front of the guests. In our gallery you will find a series of dishes, from appetizer to dessert, for those who cannot cook, but without sacrificing taste and presentation.


With appetizers it is easy to make a great impression, often with a few ingredients you can prepare tastings that amaze guests! Let’s take the example of croutons or croutons: great classic cut into small pieces or larger. Such as the Bruschetta with tomato and ricotta or the Bruschetta with Bra sausage and fennel pesto. A touch of class that strikes for the contrast of flavors? Sweet and sour figs, wrapped in speck.



As a first course you can really indulge yourself thanks to the variety of pasta and risotto to garnish with the most disparate (and refined!) Products. We pass from the Fregola risotto, to the warm spaghetti salad, to conclude with an elegant Ristotto Moscardini, tomato and rice. Even the soups, however, can surprise you, such as the iced cucumber soup with goat cheese


The second courses include a wide range of products: from fish to meat and vegetables. Grilled, baked or in a pan, they can be easy, quick and tasty! A vegetarian example? vegetarian stuffed courgettes. For the meat, on the other hand, you can choose the aromatic Veal slices. Or the meatballs and pepper sauce. Why not try fried Seabed Shrimp? simple and very tasty!


Cakes, cupcakes, sorbets .. so on and so forth. From Chocolate Delights to Yogurt brick with honey, pine nuts and blackberries, passing through the Desert Roses… you just have to try them!

In gallery above you can find all our easy recipes for everyone!


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