How to dry figs in the sun?


It’s fig season! Do you love figs and would like to enjoy them even in winter? Making dried figs is very simple and there is no need for technology: just dry them in the sun

Figs are easily perishable fruits so, in addition to immediate consumption, why not dry them? so it will be possible to enjoy them all year round.

The plant and its varieties

Ficus carica is a tree native to western Asia that belongs to the Moraceae family. Exist many species of fig from fruit. Even if what we call “fruit” is one large infructescence within which they are enclosed the tiny flowers. The plant can produce two false-fruit productions per year which form in the fall and ripen in the late spring of the following year, and real figs are formed in spring and ripen at the end of the summer of the same year.
The most representative varieties in Italy:
The Brogiotto, with fruits of a very sweet taste with a blackish color
The Doctorate, is used for the production of dried fruits, has a light green skin and sweet pulp
The Verdino, the most common in Italy, has a bright green skin and a reddish, sweet pulp

How to make dried figs?

It is very simple! Just dry in the sun i fresh and ripe figs just picked. It is always better to eat them fresh taking advantage of the season, but if the desire is too much, then drying is for you. Fresh figs are rich in water which they lose in part with drying and consequently acquire more sucrose and glucose (therefore they have a higher caloric intake). To prepare them naturally, without the use of chemicals and preservatives, follow our guidelines: just a little patience!


Drying: the procedure

First of all it is necessary to reap the rewards: the best are those who fall to the ground because they have reached the perfect degree of ripeness.

Then they have to be clean eliminating any trace of dirt, washed and dry with a soft cloth.

Then spread the figs on a trellis so that the air circulates above and below, cover up the fruits with a gauze (to protect them from insects) and expose them to the sun all day, turning them every 3 – 4 hours.

During the night, transfer the indoor figs for avoid humidity and, in the morning, put the fruit back in the sun covered with gauze. The figs will be completely dried when the skin takes on a wrinkled appearance and no juice will come out if they are crushed.

If the sun wasn’t enough …

Dried figs can be prepared by drying them in the home oven or in a dryer (for those who own it).
After washing and drying them, preheat the oven to 60 ° C and place them on a perforated grid so that the air circulates above and below the figs.
Put the grill in the oven elleave the door slightly open to prevent figs from overheating.

How to store them

Once dried, arrange the figs in a hermetically sealed container in a cool place or in the frost bags to put them in fridge or in freezer. Dried figs keep for 18-24 months when stored correctly.

Enjoy your meal!


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