Banksy invades the city of Parma


Inaugurates a somewhat underground, somewhat widespread, very colorful exhibition to celebrate the Italian Capital City of Culture 2020 + 2021

Going to the inaugurations of exhibitions is always an added value, because you can hear the intentions and ideas that support them from the voices of the creators. So it was with the exhibition Banksy, Building Castles in the Sky, which, more than in heaven, opened in the newly restored basement of the beautiful Palazzo Tarasconi, in Parma. An initiative strongly desired by a team of people who created it with the common intention of putting the provocative but certainly beloved art of the mysterious contemporary street-artist at the service of the territory. The intentions behind the exhibition? underline the internationality of the city, already known throughout the world for many of its excellences, by dedicating an exhibition to an artist with a great communicativeness, able to speak to everyone, with great immediacy.

One exhibition, multiple exhibitions

Thanks to the many partners involved in this operation, Banksy, Building Castles in the Sky it is not just an exhibition in a well-defined place, but a real invasion of art. Better to say about Street art. Fidenza Village, for example, which is the main partner, and which has always supported cultural projects for the enhancement of the territory, has organized “The Art Street”, transforming the village into an open-air exhibition: six well-known “street” artists they came from all over the world to transform the village with their interventions. An exhibition within the exhibition, explains Davide Rampello, artistic director of the Fidenza Village, starting from the entrance portal, colored and transformed into the new “door of joy”, up to the tower which, thanks to a pictorial illusion, becomes a gigantic gear. Even within the village, Banksy-inspired works and installations enliven the shopping promenade.



The Municipality of Parma and the Antonio Ligabue Foundation then organized “Around Bansky“, A series of events and performances in different places of the city that animate this last part of the year as the Italian Capital of Culture, with a full calendar of events, all inspired by the expressive freedom of Bansky and graffiti (calendar constantly updated on For example, bus-tours to visit the murals of the city, live painting, artistic rides, videos, contests.

After almost two years of pandemic and closures, therefore, with Banksy we seem to be able to go out and breathe again: without forgetting (present in the exhibition, among other things, the work Game Changer, symbol of the pandemic) and without ever stopping to reflect. Because in his apparent communicative simplicity, this artist gives us a dense and highly personal critical thought on contemporaneity and its hottest themes (war, capitalism, social control).

Banksy, Building Castles in the Sky: info
Where: Palazzo Tarasconi, via Farini 37, Parma
When: until 16-01-2022, from Tuesday to Sunday 10 am-7pm.
How much: 12 euro ticket (reduced 10 euro, free for children up to 6 years)
Presale on Ticketone
tel. 3312149630


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