Paella: the recipes to taste on the day dedicated to the dish


September 20 is International Paella Day: from Valencian to Italian-style, here are our recipes to celebrate

It is celebrated today, September 20, the International paella day: symbol of Spanish cuisine, is one of the specialties from abroad that we Italians love most thanks to its Mediterranean taste so similar to that of our dishes. In fact, this recipe of the poor Valencian tradition has been able to conquer the whole world.

World Paella Day

On the occasion of the anniversary, the World Paella Day Cup, a cooking competition that rewards the best recipe in the world. On Monday, starting at 1 o’clock, by connecting on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the initiative, it will be possible to vote for the countries in challenge. From 16 to 26 September i restaurants in Valencia celebrate paella with dedicated events and menus.


There is no paella without a pan

There classic Valencian paella is based on rice, saffron, vegetables, meat. There paella de mariscoinstead, it is made with seafood and crustaceans, while that mixed includes both meat and fish. The name paella derives from the cooking pan in which this dish is cooked and which makes it characteristic and convivial: it is low and wide, characterized by two handles, with different sizes depending on the guests.

Our recipes for cooking paella

There is no better way to celebrate World Paella Day by cooking a recipe inspired by this dish. We offer you our version of the paella Valenciana, but also one reinterpretation in Italian style. How about then to put the paella in eggplant or one lobster bisque in paella? Finally, for a truly original recipe, you can prepare one Fruit and vegetable paella with buckwheat.


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