Do we know what we eat? Science watches for us


The new campaign «The European Union supports food safety» was launched in August, which sees Italy and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) collaborate in synergy. The purpose? Making all of us citizens more careful in our #EUChooseSafeFood food choices

The new campaign “The European Union supports food security” was launched in August, which sees Italy and Italy collaborate in synergy. EFSA, (European Food Safety Authority). The purpose? Making all of us citizens more careful in our food choices #EUChooseSafeFood

Every day we shop, cook and eat with our families, certain that what we bring to the table is “safe”. But what is the food safety? And who guarantees it? Do we know all about how the foods we consume are produced, processed, packaged, labeled and sold? Will the information on the labels be true?

Who can answer these questions is EFSA European Food Safety Authority which in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the National Food Safety Committee (CNSA) first verifies and then ensures that food is healthy, from field to plate.

Countryside #EUChooseSafeFood awareness raising on food safety, which touches on crucial issues for life (including the planet), is aimed above all at European citizens between the ages of 25 and 45, with particular attention to young parents. In reality it concerns everyone and urges us to reflect on our daily choices.

“For the first time, we address the consumer audience directly with a simple and direct communication to spread awareness that food purchased and consumed in the family or in catering outlets is safe”, says Dr. Alberto Spagnolli, EFSA, Senior Policy Advisor.


In our country there is a Section for Food Security formed by 13 experts from universities and research institutes which studies, investigates and formulates scientific opinions. The aim is to assess that what we eat is safe. The topics on which scientists express themselves are substantial, for example on biological hazards, on chemical and physical contaminants throughout the food chain, on food additives (flavors, dyes, thickeners …), on packaging and on materials that are in contact with food, but also on feed and animal welfare, on plant protection products and plant health, on GMOs, also on the possibility of eating insects.

Their work starts before the field, from seeds for example, it passes through farms and production plants, to arrive on our tables. To protect not only humans but also animals and the environment. “European consumers are already among the most protected and informed in the world in terms of risks deriving from the food chain; this new campaign aims to further strengthen citizens’ trust by guaranteeing them the right to know the ways in which the foods consumed are produced, processed, packaged, labeled and sold ”. so says Massimo Casciello, Director General of the General Directorate for Hygiene, Food Safety and Nutrition of the Ministry of Health.

It is up to us to evaluate the flavor of the ingredients, to the scientists the safety.

On the campaign site #EUChooseSafeFood, which runs until 5 October, images, interviews, videos and expert testimonials are available.

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