The best time to drink lemon water and detoxify your body

Taking warm water with lemon in the morning has been one of the infallible remedies to lose weight for a long time, thanks to the fact that lemon is an excellent antioxidant and natural moisturizer.

But, many people drink water at all hours of the day, will that be correct? Here are the benefits of drinking lemon water during the day.

According to the dietitian, Ashley Koff, “drinking water with lemon at any time of the day can help improve your health“.

Because it provides nutrients to the cells and at the same time, to remove substances your body does not need.

Adding lemon juice to the water will help turn it into alkaline, which can be favorable for the digestive tract as it recreates a more pleasant environment for good bacteria. Koff also noted that “lemon causes the release of sodium bicarbonate into the small intestine, and that it can relieve indigestion“.

So, if drinking water with lemon is so good for the body, what is the best time to enjoy it and detoxify the body? According to dietitian and weight loss expert Paul Salter, “the benefits of drinking water with lemon in the morning can be more related to water consumption than with lemon itself”.

Taking a large glass of water can help you rehydrate after a long period without drinking liquids and has a big impact on decreased appetite, the expert said.

Therefore it is important to start the day with a glass full of lemon water, your body will like it and clean your gastrointestinal tract.