Powerful home bath cleaner, nothing better!

A home bathroom cleaner can be the solution to save money, leave the room clean, glowing and with a rather pleasant aroma.

In addition, a home bathroom cleaner can help you save a lot of money, you will also take care of the environment and that is priceless.
Doing it is really simple, you can not deny it, the only thing you need in addition to the ingredients is patience, because you must let it rest for weeks before you can use it.

Never mind, there’s a start.

To prepare this powerful home bath cleaner, you will need:

Lemon, orange or grapefruit peels (choose the one you like best)

How to prepare the mixture?

Get a plastic bottle and fill half with water and the other half with vinegar
Add a tablespoon of salt and fruit peels (the citrus you have chosen)
Let rest for four weeks
Strain VERY well and use it

This home bath cleaner can save you a lot of trouble, leave the bathroom glowing and neutralize the scents. Want more? It is super economical!

No, you can’t ask for more.

Do it, use it and forget about spending a lot on chemicals, your bathroom will look like new every time you wash it, I mean it!