Keto diet: 8 foods that you should prioritize

The basis of the keto diet is the consumption of proteins and fats as a source of energy and the reduction of carbohydrates to the maximum. If in a conventional plan the presence of these represents approximately between 50% and 60% of the calories ingested, in a keto plan they are only between 5% and 10%.

With this nutritional pattern, ketosis is sought, a natural physiological process in which the body generates substances known as ketone bodies from fats and due to a deficiency of carbohydrates. The body’s reaction to ketosis is very similar to that of fasting. When energy is basically obtained from stored fats, rapid weight loss occurs.

But we’re not just talking about stopping eating pasta, rice, or potatoes. While these are its best-known exponents, carbohydrates are also found in fruits and vegetables, hence many consider it a low-vitamin diet.

It should be noted that maintaining this nutrition regime is quite complicated and should therefore always be done under medical supervision.

Which foods are prioritized in a keto diet?

Beef: Among the red meats, the one derived from beef is a good alternative to add to the diet. Always choose lean cuts.

Natural or Greek yoghurt: Among the different yoghurt types, natural sugar-free yoghurt is the lowest proportion of hydrates. You can also opt for sugar-free Greek yogurt.

Egg Both egg whites and yolks: are accepted options in the keto diet. The former is a source of protein while the latter provides quality fats and nutrients for the body.

Extra virgin olive oil: Of the different oils that exist in the market, this is one of the best options because of its monounsaturated fats and its richness in antioxidants. In addition to possessing polyphenols of anti-inflammatory effect.

Nuts: are a good source of unsaturated fats for the organism. They also provide valuable antioxidants and proteins that produce a satiety effect.

Avocado: An excellent ally when replacing food. It is rich in vegetable fats, in addition to possessing proteins and antioxidants. Fundamental in a keto diet.

Cheeses: in all varieties are admitted in the ketogenic diet. However, fresh choices are the most advisable because they add up to less saturated fats.

Fish Both white and oily fish: are recommended within the keto diet. While the former is a source of almost fat-free proteins, the latter has omega-3 or polyunsaturated fatty acids.