Just make this baking soda shampoo and forget all hair problems

As you already know I love to make and use natural products, and it helps the care and health of our body inside and out. A few days ago I thought about making baking soda shampoo that a friend told me, and it’s great.

Keep in mind that homemade shampoos, in general, do not foam, which at first we may not seem to wash hair well, but if they work. It is good to know, that if we have decided to use homemade shampoos, at first it will seem that they are not as effective as the ones you buy but you will have to wash with them about 10 times or so for us to notice their effect.


  • 1/2 glass of baking soda,
  • a drizzle of apple vinegar,
  • 2 glasses of water and a few drops of olive oil (optional).
  • In addition to 2 plastic cans to store it.


In a bowl mix well the baking soda and water and throw it in a boat that we have chosen to store it. The other bottle is filled with a mixture made with vinegar, olive oil, and a jet of water (this last mixture can serve as a conditioner).

And we can wash the normal hair: applying first the baking soda mixed with water, we rinse and then apply the second mixture made with vinegar, oil, and water as a conditioner.

If we have greasier hair we can increase the amount of baking soda and add less vinegar. And we can choose to add another oil like almond or jojoba oil instead of olive oil.

It is advisable to observe and if by chance there is some kind of allergy stop using it.

I hope you liked this homemade shampoo recipe.