3 natural remedies for pregnancy problems

The nausea :

Quickly, I had nausea… morning, then… nonstop nausea (all day and even at night, I was awake by these cravings to vomit… nice!) and this for a month and a half. These nausea was accompanied by vomiting (as long as it was as much to have the total!). I beat up as they say! I could not eat. I even lost weight in the second month of pregnancy. I had read that you had to eat when you woke up (as soon as you put your foot on the ground, you had to swallow something)… for me it was worse. ” Split your meals.” However, I realized that if I had an empty stomach, the nausea increased in intensity, going as far as vomiting.

So I started splitting my meals. And indeed, by making my meals over several hours, my nausea was more manageable.

Basically my meals were for 3 hours (but the amounts were the same as for a normal meal).

Ginger, my life-saving remedy!”

And the ultimate remedy that I discovered far too late (after almost a month of nausea): ginger! It was impossible for me to drink hot during this period of nausea, I had heard that ginger infusions could help, but it did not kick me more than that to drink hot… Except that one day I tried cold infusion and there I had my life-saving remedy! In the evening, I prepared a bottle of water with fresh ginger slices that I crushed roughly so that the juice would infuse better. I let it brew all night and drink
ready for the next day. Well, I can’t tell you that my nausea completely disappeared, but it had become liveable and really light, and most of all, I wasn’t vomiting anymore.

Acid lifts :

A suffer I absolutely did not know. I even had to search the net to understand what I had! This has only happened to me 4 or 5 times since the beginning of my pregnancy, it is little, but when it happens, it is very unpleasant… It usually happens at night. The first time, not knowing what I was suffering from, I tried to drink water but obviously it didn’t help much. ”

My strange remedy:licorice.

” The next morning, when I found out that I had acid lifts, I did some research to find something that would relieve me. There are a lot of drug remedies, but I am not a fan of drugs and even less since I make a small baby! I read, a little amused, that licorice could fight against these famous acid lifts… So I went to buy licorice candies in a biocoop. I had my little pouch in case… On the following acid lifts, I tried my strange remedy and… it worked very well on me! They fade away until they slowly disappear. Personally, I consumed licorice in the form of candy rolls, but licorice exists in several other forms: licorice sticks, zan, Ricola or Stoptou sweets, herbal teas… CAUTION: to consume in moderation! In large quantities, licorice can increase blood pressure. Note that liquorice rolls do not contain animal gelatin, but some brands may contain beeswax and and are therefore not vegan. 

Tiredness :

Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have high and low levels of fatigue. I can be completely washed away at certain times and as I can be in good shape at other times. For some time now I have been a follower of spirulina. I take it as a cure when I feel that my body will weaken. I have made inquiries and there is no contraindication to taking spirulina during pregnancy.

“I am 1 follower of spirulina”

I take it every morning, a teaspoon, since the end of the second trimester. The effects were felt quite quickly. In addition to having a boosting effect, spirulina is very rich in protein and iron, a not inconsiderable during pregnancy! Of course, if you can take some time to take small naps during the day in case of heavy fatigue, it also helps a lot.
I hope my natural tricks can help you if you experience these typical evils when pregnant, feel free to tell us in the comments: if you knew them if you tried them and/or if you have your own natural remedies that could be used by others;)

Thank you, and to those concerned I wish them a beautiful pregnancy