10 amazing things to do with toothpaste

Remove stains

The stains? The obsession of any self-respecting housewife who dreams of having a clean interior, without halos of wine, blood, food on the couch or on the tablecloth. SOS toothpaste. Stronger than Mr Clean or your laundry, it acts as a stain remover to remove the most recalcitrant stains from your favorite clothes. Juices, sauces, vomit, lipstick, nothing resists him. It is particularly effective to overcome it. The principle? All you have to do is apply a little white paste to the stain, scrub thoroughly and then go to the washing machine. And that’s it. Toothpaste absorbs stains embedded in the fibres and fabrics of clothing.

Clean your jewelry

Do jewels tend to get dirty? By putting their hands in the water to do the dishes or going about your daily activities, the rings lose their luster and fade. It is not always easy to know how to make them regain their youth of yesteryear, from the time when they sparkled 1000 fires. Know that gold and diamond are perfectly cleaned with toothpaste. To do this, take an old toothbrush, apply a little toothpaste and scrub your jewel delicately so that every nook and cranny is covered. Rinse with water and dry carefully using a glasses cloth to avoid damaging the jewel by scratching it.

Shine your headlights

This is a useful and original use of toothpaste. Plan several tubes ahead if you have decided to clean from A to Z your car. Indeed, for you, cleaning your car is limited to passing through the rollers or removing accumulated dirt from the karscher on your windshield. But headlights remain the poor parent of cleaning. And for good reason, they are not easy to wash. Yet over the years, they tend to get dirty and scratch themselves. Which decreases the power of your brightness.   Take your toothpaste with you. Wash with soap and water to remove dirt and on a cloth, put toothpaste while cleaning to revive the shine of your headlights.

Bringing your shoes back to life
Your sneakers that once shone with immaculate whiteness today look grey? No question of throwing them away or buying a pair! It is true that most shoes tend to get dirty and stained. Rain, mud, all factors responsible for this dirt that does not always leave with water and soap. All you have to do is show a little ingenuity, take out your toothpaste and rub the grey and black spots with toothpaste applied to a cloth to give them a second youth. The advantage? You can adopt this technique on any type of shoe.

Fill a hole
Are you moving? And your situation is fast approaching! Panic! Especially with the remaining holes. Indeed, frames, clocks, children’s drawings on the wall tend to leave small traces of your passage in the walls. And since you are nothing like a Valérie Damidot, you do not want to throw yourself head down in the realization of a plaster or plaster to fill the holes. The simple, easy and effective solution? Toothpaste that makes it possible to trick and fill small holes. Neither seen nor known. Put a little bit of dough in the hole and scratch around it. And here you are a confirmed tinkerer.

Remove scratches from a CD
The CD that jumps as soon as you put it in your auto-radio? Annoying! Yes especially as it is your favorite CD and your beloved song! And now you are convinced that your CD is good to put in the trash. Smile, you will be able to use your toothpaste. Thanks to a suitable cloth of the cotton or microfiber type, put a small dose of toothpaste, then rub from the center to the outside to eliminate small scratches. Of course, if your disc or DVD is too scratched, no need to wait for miracles.

Clean your hands
Know that your toothpaste is ideal to clean your hands and help you eliminate stubborn and oh so unpleasant odors when you cook.

Polish your iron
If you use your iron regularly for your linens, your sheets, your men’s shirts, it is quite possible that after a while the sole of your iron will become dirty or spoil. Blame it on the accumulation of minerals. Unsheathe your toothpaste, apply it to a damp cloth and then clean it. Take care to carry out this operation with a cold iron and unplugged! Once your sole is cleaned, wipe it clean with a clean cloth. And here is an iron like new and clean. Ready to use

Clean the sink
Certainly the toothpaste that falls in the sink, it knows you! And if you use it to clean the sink and shine your shower doors! Indeed, having a nickel bathroom, purified from any mold is not always easy. With a cloth, rub the toothpaste inside your sink, it’s a trick to make it shine. Rinse with clear water! And you won’t have siphon smells coming up and smelling.  Do not hesitate to use toothpaste to polish your chromes and tap pipes often inlaid with limestone. Toothpaste also works to thoroughly clean joints.

Make your mobile phone shine

Tired of your dirty cell phone screen? Indeed, touch screens tend to get dirty, or scratch themselves, due to fingerprints. Again, think about toothpaste to give them more shine. Opt for a clean cotton cloth soaked in a little toothpaste, then gently and lightly rub your screen to avoid breaking it. Finally, wipe with a second clean cloth. And there you go again, you can see your wallpaper correctly.